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Authors Note: Yeah, I knwo it's not...Exactly Prose...but,...this was the only way to post as fanfiction...

~You Can Get Hurt Being Stupid~
Scenario: Outskirts of Ratayu, boiling Lava
Vahn: ::inspects lava a little too close::
Noa: “Look a town, look Vahn a town!”
Gala: “Surrounded by molten lava, yes. And impossible to jump across.”
Noa: “Oh.” ::pout, pout:: “Vahn, I don’t like it here, it’s too hot. Lets go.”
Vahn: ::tries to inspect the lava again::
Gala: “Vahn, I have endured much out of the respect for you as the leader but-”
Meta: <Vahn, are you listening! What they are saying makes sense. Even I don’t get you anymore. Could it be, that the world can be saved by such a troubled youth?>
Noa: “Vahn, I believe in you.”
Gala: “Vahn! It’s the Mist, It’s getting Thicker. Common, let’s go.”
Meta: <Vahn! Stop worrying about the stupid heat>
Vahn: ::blinks, gazes at them strangely:: “Got any marshmallows?”
Noa: “…you’re….stupid….” ::pushes Vahn:: ::Vahn hangs from ledge::
Vahn: “Euh, guys. …I’m still alive. I’m getting third degree burns from the steam? Oh, yeah, that burns-”
Gala: ::follows Noa:: “You should have punched him.”
Noa: “Let’s go see if Ixis wants to join us.”

~No! No! Noa!~
Scenario: In West or East Voz, with premature BridgeGrass
Noa: “Ohh, What’s this?” ::inspects BridgeGrass::
Gala: “You two don’t know anything, do you?”
Noa : ::^~^:: “No!” ::eyes the swaying plant::
Vahn: “But I’m guessing you’re going to assume we don’t and give us some sort of informative  -NOA!”
Noa: ::looks away, innocently:: “WHAT?” ::cocks head, looking at the tempting morsel::
Noa: “Is it edible?”
Gala: “NO! It’s not edible. That’s called BridgeGrass. It’s not fully mature yet, but when it is-”
Noa: ::starts chawing on the grass like it was celery:: “FWHY Foen FOO UFF FU
Gala: ::disgusted:: “Do you know how to swim Vahn?”

Scenario: Dr. Usha Research Center where Man is Taking a Bath
Noa: “A Bath! Look Vahn and Gala! I found a hot spring!” ::arms flailing happily::
GuyinBath: “UHM….” ::blushes::
Noa: “I want to take a bath too! Let’s all take a bath together!”
GuyinBath: “…..I…..-” ::grabs a towel, and wraps himself, and runs away::
Gala: ::looks away in embarrassment::
Vahn: ::snickers, teases:: “I will if you will Noa!”
Terra: <Noa! You cannot bathe with him. He is a man, you are a young woman>
Noa: “But, we’re friends! And I’m not shy!” ::semi-undresses::
Vahn: ::wide eyed, blushing::
Gala: ::sissy-screams:: ::faints::
Noa: ::giggle, giggle:: “This is fun!!!”

Scenario: Gala becomes the stand-in comedian
Gala: ::woodenly::“Do I reaaly have to do this?”
Vahn: ::busts up laughing, falls on the floor rolling with laughter::
Noa: “I don’t get it.” ::is confused::
Meta: <Ozma! Quit feeding Gala his lines!>
Terra: <No one wants to hear your filthy jokes!>
Gala: “Everyone in the audience, I’m sorry if you do not find me entertaining. I myself don’t even have the slightest idea-”
Vahn: “He-He!H-H-He didn’t! Oh my TIEG!That’s the funniest part part of the whole show!!!”
Gala: ::frowns, rolls eyes:: “Vahn! How many healing leaves have you used today?”

Scenario: When Mei and Noa first meet
Mei: “Vahn? Who is that?”
Noa: “I’m Noa! Vahn’s friend.”
Mei: “Hello Noa. I’m Mei. A friend of Vahn’s too.”
Noa: ::sour face:: “Vahn’s my friend.”
Mei: ::grimaces:: “Vahn and I have been friends since we were little.”
Noa: “He saved me and Terra the Wolf from a bad seru.” ::sticks out tounge::
Mei: “He saved me from a lot of seru, when the mist came into Rim Elm.” ::scowls::
Noa: ::does signature tantrum dance::“He likes me more!”
Mei: “Nu-Uh! Me!” ::turns red in the face::
Vahn: ::thinks of the advantage to having two girlfriends::
Noa: ::hears him chuckle::
Mei: “Vahn, you’re no better than a pimp!”
Noa: “Pimp? PIMPS ARE BAD! I HATE BAD PEOPLE!” ::fwaps Vahn into a wall:: ::everything goes black::
::A few minutes later::
Mei: “Vahn! You’ve made a charming friend. I’m happy for you.”
Vahn: ::turns to exit, has a black eye and his arm in a sling:: “Yeah, I bet you are.”
Off the wall scenarios, and unexpected behind the scenes. LOL!
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